Aurelie & DavidMelbourne

These sweeties were such fun to photograph!

Nestled down in the woods of Yarra Bend, we ventured into the scrub to shoot some intimate portraits of this smitten couple.

I met Aurelie a few years prior at a fashion event. Aurelie has a history of modelling and we have shot together once before, so naturally she’s comfortable in front of the camera! I was surprised at how at ease David was in front of the lens, but when you’re this in love? Well, I’ll let the images do the talking.


nose-boop-holding-eachother-close-engaged-forest-shoot quiet-moment-holding-eachother-engaged

walking-through-park-holding-hands close-hug-eyes-closed couple-looks-at-eachoother-forest-full-body-holding-hands couple-looks-at-eachother-forest close-up-hands-embrace


portrait-couple-smiling-engaged engaged-couple-sweet-moment-smiling engaged-couple-embrace-smiling engagement-shoot-bride-to-be-giggles

couple-embrace-forest couple-holding-hands couple-walking-through-bush